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Currency Exchange Seville

Currency Exchange Seville

Currency Exchange Seville

Seville has become one of your most expensive places for traveling, and, by extension, for changing money. Your best options are ATMs followed by long lines in banks and more expensive rates in hotels, large stores, and the airport. Kiosks is your last resort, with reports in almost every forum of users getting scammed. If you use a kiosk (or Bureaux de Change), go for a more trusted, reputable one. Read on more about Currency Exchange Seville.

Fewer and fewer banks accept traveler’s checks, particularly in euros, so be advised.

Three most common ways to change currency in Seville:

Currency Exchange Seville: Banks – Banks are generally open from Monday-Friday, 8:30am-2pm and sometimes on Saturday from 8:30am-1pm, although they’re closed on Saturdays, May to September.  Some banks also have later afternoon banking hours on Thursday. Expect long lines, with some banks in Seville giving you numbers to wait your turn.  At all locations, you’ll need your passport to change money while some banks allow you to use your credit card to make a cash advance. All locations charge a commission when changing money or traveler’s checks.

Your best bet is to use one of Seville’s common ATMs, although if you need to change money at night or at some odd hour, you can always turn to El Corte Inglés or an upper-heel hotel, at a higher rate.

You’ll want to note that several international banks, such as CitiBank, Barclays, Lloyds Bank and Deutsche Bank, offer benefits if you use that same bank in your home country. Incentives include using their ATMs without additional charge or having the foreign transaction and/or service fees waived. You may want to check with your bank before you travel to see if it’s on the list.

Currency Exchange Seville: ATMs – Although most Seville ATMs only access your primary checking accounts, you may find the rate ATM that will put you through to your savings and other accounts, too.

Seville’s ATM networks tend to frustrate tourists with temporary troubleshooting problems, such as an ATM that refuses your Visa/Plus one day, but accepts it the next. You will also want to choose an ATM located in a bank rather than the street for safety, and because these are less likely to be tempered with. Finally, you’ll want to check the fees before you finish your transactions. Some ATMs arbitrarily charge higher service fees than others.

The worst choice is:

Currency Exchange Seville: Street Kiosks  – Use these vendors as a last resort, since they tend to scam you.  These Bureaux de Change/ street kiosks/ forex providers operate long hours and are usually open for limited trading on Sundays, (usually 11:00-15:00). Some may seem to offer terrific rates, but these apply only when changing large amounts. Many are known for handling dated currency and/ or for giving you too little for your cash.

If you do use this service, make sure to check the rates and the commission, since some places offer better rates but higher commission.  In short, unless you absolutely need to do so, changing money at an exchange house, the train station or airport should be avoided.


More on changing money in Seville:

The website Explore Seville recommends that you travel with the following mix of credit cards, cash, traveler’s checks, etc.:

  • Visa, American Express and Mastercard, although the first two are more important.
  • €100 in travelers checks.
  • €100 in cash, well protected

Explore Seville also provides you with a tool that calculates today’s approximate change rate.


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