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Financial Adviser Murcia

Financial Adviser Murcia

Financial Adviser Murcia

Do you live in Murcia? Are you looking for honest and straightforward financial guidance, taking into account your particular individual needs? Here at Callaghan Financial Services we really do pride ourselves on the quality of the services that we provide to our clients in the Murcia area. Qualified to a UK standard, our Advisers are proud of being able to provide you, their client, with bespoke financial products, planning, advice and services, related to investments, retirements and more. Our Financial Advisers are equally proud of our transparent fee policy as well as our excellent testimonials. See more with our article Financial Adviser Murcia below.

Our Financial Advisers meet all necessary fiduciary standards. They will:

  • Make reasonable investment proposals, independent of outside influences;
  • Select broker-dealers based on their ability to provide the best execution of trades for accounts where the adviser has authority to select the broker-dealer;
  • Make recommendations based on a reasonable enquiry into your investment objectives, financial situation and other factors;

Our Financial Advisers will always place your interests ahead of their own or those of the company. They understand how important organizing your future is…..

Do you have a Pension in the UK? Our Advisers can advise you on the whole of the QROPS –Qualified Registered Overseas Pension Scheme – market as they are not restricted to only one jurisdiction.

Furthermore, our Financial Advisers will offer you a free initial assessment. There are no obligation clauses and there is no upfront fee policy.

Associated with Financial Conduct Authority investment platforms as well as with tax specialists, our Financial Advisers can answer all your tax efficiency questions, whilst taking into account your own personal circumstances and place of residence. Every person is treated differently as we fully comprehend that each person’s objectives differ. To get that good night’s sleep you deserve, why don’t you contact a member of our friendly team and make that first, no obligation appointment …..Why don’t you contact us through our website – www.gcqrops.com – and complete our simple enquiry form, or simply pick up the telephone and give us a call on +34 698 243 745.

Finally get answers to all those questions running through your head. We can organize a chat in your favourite café, whilst enjoying a nice cup of coffee or cup of tea!

Written by Sally Anne.